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On the Same Wavelength

I just received my new Town & Country this weekend. It’s a terrific issue and I couldn’t help but notice that we clearly were on the same wavelength this month. If you enjoyed my Christie’s Cache post about the upcoming jewelry sale at the auction house, then you should definitely read Carol Prisant’s informative profile of Rahul Kadakia, the debonair head of the jewelry department at Christie’s, who was quoted in my post and discusses some of the pieces I featured.…
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Pink Glove Dance

Even though this wonderful video has had almost 12 million viewers and has been featured in newspapers and on the news around the country, I had never seen it until today (on Women’s Voices for Change). The Pink Glove Dance was made in Portland, Oregon by Emily Somers and the workers at Providence St.…
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Posting Pink

I missed the big day for posting pink last Friday in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But, inspired by Mrs. Blandings, who initiated the annual campaign, and all the other bloggers who participated, I believe late is definitely better than never.…
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