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Skating with Mr. Grant

My favorite scene in The Bishop’s Wife, my At the Movies pick yesterday, is when Cary Grant and Loretta Young are skating on the outdoor pond. It’s such an evocative holiday setting that I thought it might be fun to pick an outfit to go along with the movie.…
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Wednesday Wine

Aren’t you happy it’s Wednesday now? Last week I mentioned our exciting new collaboration with  Horseneck Wines in Greenwich. Well for the next few weeks, we will be featuring a holiday related wine post every Wednesday. I think that makes the middle of the week so much more appealing!…
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Happy Thanksgiving

From my home to yours. Here is where we will be having our meal later today. I wish you, dear readers, the very best wishes on Thanksgiving for you and your family.
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Turkey Tabletop

Before we are catapulted into the “big” holiday of the season, I wanted to pay un petit homage to, what seems this year, to be the orphan child of celebrations. Thanksgiving offers so many lovely decorating opportunities that seem to be somewhat overlooked in favor of the overwhelming holiday coming down the pike.…
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The Bad Boy of Bordeaux

I am thrilled to announce Quintessence’s new collaboration. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Horseneck Wines in Greenwich, CT. A mainstay in the community since 1934, Horseneck was owned by the same family until 1989 when the current owner Terry Rogers purchased the business.…
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The Swiss Are Coming! The Swiss Are Coming!

Switzerland is an understated place. This small landlocked country is not prone to outward displays of exuberance or extravagance. You rarely hear about Swiss stars at Oscar parties, young Swiss “it” girls in the pages of Vogue or a bevy of Swiss restaurants in New York boasting its cuisine.…
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Stellar Stella

I love a great marketing campaign. There are so many bad commercials out there that when you see something special it’s like a breath of fresh air. Stella Artois, the upscale boutique Belgian lager, has a long history and over the years its advertising campaigns have frequently had associations with films.…
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Waris Wares

If you are going to be in NYC this week, you might want to stop by an intriguing pop-up store open only until October 17th. It is the brainchild of the amazing Waris Ahluwalia. A modern renaissance man, you may know him from his parts in Wes Anderson films and I am Love, as the founder of House of Waris fine jewelry, as co-author of the popular To India With Love (published to benefit his charity Mumbai We Got Your Back)  or merely as a ubiquitous fixture on the New York and Hollywood social scenes.…
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Gil Schafer – In Vino Veritas

I don’t need any wine to speak the truth about this project. It’s simply spectacular. If you were to plan a wine cellar in your home, what would you imagine – perhaps a modest room in your basement, with, if you’re lucky, a small place to sit and sample your wares.…
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Fashion Week Frenzy

This year there seems to be a new level of excitement leading up to this season’s Fashion Week. Not just with the shows themselves, which are sure to be filled with Oscar worthy presentations, but also the many activities planned around these dates.…
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