A Hint of Honeysuckle

I’m not really much of a pink girl (although salmon suits me fine), which doesn’t bode well for me this year, considering Pantone’s pick of Honeysuckle Pink as the color of the year. Even though I’ve already had my fill of hearing about honeysuckle, I’d hate to be totally out of the loop.…
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On the Same Wavelength

I just received my new Town & Country this weekend. It’s a terrific issue and I couldn’t help but notice that we clearly were on the same wavelength this month. If you enjoyed my Christie’s Cache post about the upcoming jewelry sale at the auction house, then you should definitely read Carol Prisant’s informative profile of Rahul Kadakia, the debonair head of the jewelry department at Christie’s, who was quoted in my post and discusses some of the pieces I featured.…
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Dazzled at Dior

While researching my pink post yesterday, I wandered over to Dior to see what they had to offer. I was so amazed with everything, that I had to post about it. Much of the Dior jewelry is unrestrainedly fantastical. It is the stunning work of creative director Victoire de Castellane, with whom you may already be familiar for her devil may care attitude on the Parisian social scene.…
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