A look at design and styles of architecture throughout the years

Put to Good Use

Recently the editor’s pick at Jayson Home & Garden, the wonderful Chicago based source for unique modern and vintage furniture and accessories, was its vintage flashlight lamp, crafted from Indian made Everready flashlights from the early 20th century. It has a great distinctive look that could add character to any number of places.…
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The Fab Fifty

New York Spaces, the contemporary home design magazine, has just announced its annual (this is the third year) picks for the top 50 designers in the metro New York area. As they say, the list represents the old guard and the new stars. …
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Wish list

I have decided to start a wish list here. It will be recurring and perhaps at some point I will assign it a particular day of the week. But for now, I will enter randomly. Besides the intangibles that everyone wishes for such as good health and our children’s happiness and success, this list will include wishes ranging from the now obtainable to the someday obtainable and in another life obtainable.…
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Summer Breeze

I had always wanted to build a pool and pool house at our former home. We downsized and moved next door (yes, exactly next door) 3-1/2 years ago when my third was about to go off to boarding school and we realized we didn’t need the size and maintenance of such a large house.…
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L’Histoire d’une Chaise

I have needed new chairs in my kitchen ever since we moved into this house 3-1/2 years ago. We originally had our reproduction black Hitchcock chairs with a pine table which looked great like they do here in Gil Schafer’s kitchen .…
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