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Venus and Mars

Yesterday was my birthday. Not a landmark one, just your average annual affair. I spent most of the day working, waiting to see which of my children would remember to call – not completely true – I have two at home, both of whom thought my birthday was today until my husband clued them in.…
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Nail Files

Now that it has finally cooled off and the leaves are changing, I feel like fall is officially here. I am starting to break out my boots and sweaters and think about autumnal colors. This extends to my minimal beauty rituals also and I thought today we could indulge in a bit of frivolity .…
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Try It, You’ll Like It

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The Heritage of Houdini

There are so many terrific ongoing and upcoming exhibits at the museums in New York this fall that it’s hard to keep up. One of the more unusual shows opens next week at the Jewish Museum. Houdini: Art and Magic is the first major American museum exhibition about the famous magician and the impact he has had on visual media.…
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Passing Portraits

Philip Scott Johnson is a digital artist from St. Louis. His favorite quote, from Picasso, is “everything you can imagine is real” and once you see this clip you’ll understand why. His amazing video art has been viewed by millions and shown everywhere from the Kawaguchi Art Gallery in Tokyo to the White Square Gallery in Las Vegas.…
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Magnificent Monograms

Unfortunately, since I wrote this post several years ago, the owner, Caroline Breckenridge, has passed away. Please continue on to read about her work and for monogram design inspiration. I don’t remember how I found Monogram Inc. but I’m certainly glad I did.…
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On the Same Wavelength

I just received my new Town & Country this weekend. It’s a terrific issue and I couldn’t help but notice that we clearly were on the same wavelength this month. If you enjoyed my Christie’s Cache post about the upcoming jewelry sale at the auction house, then you should definitely read Carol Prisant’s informative profile of Rahul Kadakia, the debonair head of the jewelry department at Christie’s, who was quoted in my post and discusses some of the pieces I featured.…
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Interior Portraits

There are so many wonderful design books making their debut this fall. I have already covered David Easton’s beautiful Timeless Elegance and will certainly be looking at several more. Most of these are compendiums of the designers’ projects, executed to focus on their work with beautiful photographs and text.…
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Thank you Dominique Browning

A big thank you to Dominique Browning who, on her blog slowlovelife, cites Quintessence as one of the four blogs she has been following lately. I didn’t even realize until one of my readers congratulated me on the mention. Coming from such a highly respected, experienced editor, I consider this high praise indeed. …
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Game Day

I am not a big online game player – I have very few apps on my iphone and the only two games I have are both free: Wordwarp and Hangman (for my daughter). I am, however, totally hooked on Wordwarp – it is a fun, challenging word game that is great for when you are waiting at the doctor or orthodontist’s office, in line at school pick up or on the train.…
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