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Fashion Friday | Holiday Wish List

As many of you know, I moonlight as the co-style editor for the non-profit Women’s Voices for Change. This week I am kickstarting a fun new series for the holidays, where we will be asking some stylish tastemakers to select five fashionable picks for their holiday wish lists.…

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Cheers to the Red, White & Blue – Happy 4th of July!

Whether you’re staying home or going out, dressing up or keeping it casual, there’s a little something here for everyone! Starting with a little RED!!
Happy 4th of July
1) Charlotte Olympia London 2012 Pandora Perspex clutch (I know July 4th is all about independence from those Brits, but think Olympics) 2) Kim Seybert Seersucker Napkins (I own & love these) 3) Oscar de la Renta Crystal Teardrop Earrings 4) Campari – with soda on the rocks, with a splash of orange juice or in a Negroni, it’s my favorite red summer cocktail!…

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Books for Lovers

What a fun evening I had yesterday at Assouline’s social media event at their charming shop at the Plaza. I had planned a different post for today, but after attending, I knew I had to do a quick change. As you can imagine, I was like a kid in a candy store – one beautiful book after another.…

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Wish List

Here is my next wish list installment. So do you remember in Rear Window when the incredibly chic Grace Kelly,
playing a fashion editor (dressed by Edith Head of course), comes over to Jimmy Stewart’s apartment with that fabulous Mark Cross bag?…

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Wish list

I have decided to start a wish list here. It will be recurring and perhaps at some point I will assign it a particular day of the week. But for now, I will enter randomly. Besides the intangibles that everyone wishes for such as good health and our children’s happiness and success, this list will include wishes ranging from the now obtainable to the someday obtainable and in another life obtainable.…

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