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Gil Schafer BoxwoodI was thrilled to see the new March Veranda. There are several lovely features but I was particularly excited to see the inclusion of the restoration of “Boxwood”, the 1914 Nashville house originally designed by architect Charles Platt. As any of you long time readers know, I am a devotee of everything architect Gil Schafer touches. I have been stalking his work for years and back in September, ran three straight days of articles about his projects. At that time, I had wanted to include this house, but unbeknownst to me, it had just been shot by Veranda so Schafer graciously asked if I would hold off writing about it until its appearance in the magazine.

I don’t want to spoil your fun of seeing it for yourself in Dara’s marvelous new issue, so I will show you some different shots of the house than appear in the article, that I was originally going to include. Here is the exterior of the original house before the restoration.

Boxwood before renovationYou can see the restored version at the beginning of this post. While Schafer clearly maintained Platt’s vision, many details were improved upon. Obviously, painting the brick made for a cleaner more unified aesthetic. Also the two chimneys were replaced by a single central stack which also cleans up the stately symmetrical view of the entrance and a fabulous new tympanum window was installed with a beautiful hanging lantern.

Gil Schafer BoxwoodThe motor court and entrance were tidied up handsomely, along with the rest of the property, by landscape architect Gavin Duke.

Gil Schafer

You can see his magic as well in the beautiful restored garden facade.

Gil SchaferThe restoration of Boxwood took over three years. But the results are magnificent. Schafer collaborated with David Netto, who designed the interiors, and the combination of Schafer’s timeless classicism and Netto’s more modernist approach made for some surprising vignettes. One of the most successful examples is the incredibly entry. The floor, while a classical motif, has a more modern application netting a splendid appeal.

Gil Schafer BoxwoodKitchen and breakfast room have signature Schafer touches with clean classic millwork and the incorporation of old materials to give the house its vintage appeal. Like all Schafer houses, this features the best of modern conveniences contained within a period context.

Gil SchaferGil SchaferHow fabulous is the butler’s pantry – it’s the ne plus ultra in my book. Perfect for entertaining and housing all those table top collections we all dream of.

Gil SchaferThe library is home to exquisite paneling and textural details.

Gil SchaferDavid Netto designed library

The loggia is one of my favorite rooms and in my view, one of Netto’s most successful.

David Netto designed loggia at BoxwoodIt’s a great combination of elements set against those spectacular dark brown glossy walls, so unexpected in this space.

David Netto designed loggia

And I know every mother is going to sigh when they see this incredible mudroom. It’s an organizational fantasy. Schafer is brilliant with these types of spaces as many of you may remember from Willow Grace Farm, the spectacular horse farm he designed (and Michael Smith decorated) which was featured in Elle Decor.

Gil SchaferThe combination of the skylight, lanterns and louver doors, reminiscent of men’s club locker rooms, makes for a gem of a space. Notice the way the bordering of the floor was handled – again a subtle contemporary nod in a classic way.

Gil SchaferSchafer’s obsession with accuracy is evident in this mantel which so thoughtfully echoes the details of Platt’s aesthetic.

Classical mantel

as does the beautiful millwork for the newel and baluster as well as the second floor stair hall.

David Netto designed landing at Boxwood
The charming child’s bath is classic Schafer with the pedestal sink and antique mirror as the exterior of the medicine cabinet. I love the wall covering and window treatment Netto chose here.

The child’s built-in desk has a place for everything and behind you can see the teepee that I believe is part of Netto’s children’s collection.

The master bath is one of my favorites that Schafer has ever done.  Although I’m not a huge fan of mirrors in front of windows, the rest is so spectacular, I’m willing to overlook that detail. From the beautiful basket weave floor to the mirrored niches to the handsome millwork, concealing extensive storage, this bath is the perfect combination of classic aesthetics and modern convenience.

Gil Schafer BoxwoodGil SchaferSo if you don’t already own it, do be sure to get the March Veranda. The feature on this project shows other rooms and photos with sourcing references and a different perspective since Netto also authored the article.

Lastly here is a link to the video of Schafer speaking about his firm and work after receiving Veranda’s 2010 Art of Design Award in Architecture.

And in the meantime, I will continue to stalk Schafer’s site, waiting for his next project to appear!

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  1. pve says:

    What a dream home. I think I would never want to leave that mud-room.
    Well , maybe to go outside to that perfectly manicured garden! I do love Veranda and holding a magazine. Lovely.

  2. I love that exterior! And those molding details are so beautiful.

  3. Dash says:

    Stunning, I am particularly enamoured by the mud room, what a brilliant concept.

  4. Simply beautiful – from the old floors and crisp white cabinets, the skylight with lanterns and the fabulous millwork, this home comes very close to being my dream house! Thanks for posting more pictures and I can’t wait to spend some time with my Veranda.

  5. Wow..gorgeous. Understated elegance at its best…love the name Boxwood too. Love the white kitchen, the wide planked floors, the rich paneled library and velvet mocha colored sofas, and the “new old” look that they achieved so effectively. Great post!
    Please stop by my blog…doing a great giveaway, a beautiful french chair…


  6. The Zhush says:

    The mudroom! The millwork! The foyer floor! There are so many spaces and elements in this home to envy! What a fabulous restoration!

  7. That first image is incredible. The place looks like a dream to me but my favourite part of this house is the amazing kitchen area. I just love those floors and the amazing home-y feel:) Have a great Monday, darling

  8. This is such was such a wonderful look into impeccable taste and talent. These rooms are definately my style. Now if only to crawl through the pages, sit for awhile and have a soak in that tub while watching Wuthering Heights…could the day get any better!?

  9. designchic says:

    Isn’t it spectacular…I poured over every word in article this weekend. The attention to detail in every room is breathtaking, and I love unexpected pop of color in the red carpeting in the library. I could move right in!!

  10. I love it! The American walnut floors are lovely, I have the same in my house on top of the original pine floorboards – I much prefer walnut. The bathroom is gorgeous – mine is in need of updating and this has given me a few ideas, thank you xx

  11. What a lovely tour of an amazing home. It really is all about the details in architecture like this. It takes us all back to a time when artisans and craftsmen built their reputations on incredible millwork. I love the slight hints to a more modern style…..just a perfect mix for this old traditional girl!

  12. Hi Q,
    the modern touches bring the house into this century making it more fresh and dynamic…love the floor in the foyer….much of the house seems to have retained a very classic and refined look that goes so well with the architecture…
    beautiful images…

  13. q-
    Love Schafer’s work. Everything he designs is beautiful. His use of color and texture in unusual, yet classic ways is perfect.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful home.

  14. I have the latest issue of Veranda at home – perhaps I should open it too…

    What a house! I am speechless. It is wonderful too see how Schafer dared to take the interior design for such a classic and traditional home a step further by incorporating modern and vintage elements. (Love the kitchen and the eating area with the long wooden table and white chairs). Makes for a very personal and much more interesting home.

    Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed this.

    ox, Mon

  15. Karin says:

    Oh gosh, this is just sooooo gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Looks like Veranda’s kicking things up. Seriously, that Master Bath is TDF!!!

  17. Wow, what a property. I was taken in just by the ceilings and floors – the butler’s pantry completely sealed the deal. I was surprised that large fountain in front was removed, seemed glam.

  18. That to me… the perfect house! I love my little New England “colonial” but I fantasize about a georgian in the South. I really miss the architecture in Charlotte, where we used to live.

    And I haven’t seen the new Veranda….somewhere b/w meetings, school pick up and Tae Kwan Do….I am tracking it down!
    xo Elizabeth

  19. Kathysue says:

    Hi Q, First I must say thank you for your visits to my blog and leaving comments. I know it takes time and I so appreciate it. When I saw your comment today I had to send this link to a post I did on wallpaper:

    You will see why when you read it.

    The home in this post is beyond stunning. The attention to detail is amazing. The millwork alone had me gasping. Beautiful work done by Mr. N!! Kathysue

  20. Tabitha says:

    Oh the lines on the mantel are exquisite.

  21. Sarah says:

    The walnut floors partnering with the clean white millwork is so stunning. Everything about this house is so American. We’re always dreaming of french or italian styling so its refreshing to see something so reflective of our lifestyle and decor.

  22. stitchfork says:

    Uh-huh, I could live there!!
    xo Cathy

  23. What a magnificent restoration of a beautiful property, it is simply stunning. I’m with Patricia, the mudroom might be my fave.

    May your week be wonderful,

  24. All of these beautiful antebellum-style homes across the South are so beautiful & so worth preserving. Lovely post, Stacey. And, I love love love Veranda, wouldn’t miss an issue.

  25. Stunning stunning stunning! Every room is more beautiful than the last…Happy Monday! xx

  26. LiveLikeYou says:

    Simply stunning and magical! There’s nothing better than old box woods.

  27. Kelly says:

    What a wonderful house! Love that exterior and the name is perfect. I did a huge sigh at the sight of the mudroom (and I’m not even a mother!) I agree with you about the loggia – what a terrific space. I will be waiting patiently for my Veranda to arrive – my magazines always seems to come a few days later than everyone else :( xo KO

  28. Yolanda says:

    Oh my. This is getting really scary. I love Gil Schafer too…and this home is full of fresh ideas and such eye candy. Will definitely have to return to savour it more in-depth later. Thanks, Q!

  29. stacy says:

    Love love love Veranda mag.
    And this is a beautiful home… the details, every nook and cranny!

  30. what a house! what a floor! wonderful!

  31. Your lovely blog
    is like a wonderful
    box of truffles ~ each
    post more tasty than
    the next!! This one
    is especially wonderful.
    Each year my mom and
    I like to take a small trip
    in the spring to a historical
    area….Last year it was
    Natchez, MS and this year,
    most likely it will be TX. We
    LOVE to tour restored homes!
    Thank you for this inside
    peek : )
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Must renew my Veranda

  32. Andrea says:

    I don’t think I can get it out in just one comment–––THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this post!!!!!

    Gil is one of my favorites as well. His attention to classicism inspires me and this house articulates his dedication to historic accuracy beautifully. What a stunning home. I personally love the mirror-in-window detail! All I can think of is the natural light it lends. I think he did a swell job navigating that design solution. The kitchen! The mudroom! Partnering with Netto: seamless! Speaking of Netto, wow! I love his clean approach to traditionalism. This came together spectacularly while maintaining a certain refinement and welcome. It says “I have taste. I have a family. I can be both sophisticated and friendly, just watch.”

    I think I’m going to have to come back to this post three more times to soak it all in. (and of course pilfer the new Veranda to dissect it all yet again)

    Thanks again,


  33. Stacey says:

    I know i have only one child but i seriously am smitten with that mudroom. I love the meticulous attention to details in this restoration. Wonderful feature! XX

  34. You had me from the start… Boxwood Beauty! Boxwoods, my favorite ever! We go on from there. So many details, but to mention a few…the ceiling in the breakfast area, the Butlers Pantry, Moldings ,wallpaper, gardens…It’s just a work to study. I’ll have to come back and spend some time here. Is this Veranda in my stack yet? I’m so behind.

  35. Caroline says:

    Love this post– I saved several pictures for our own home inspirations! Loved the wood floors and all the timeless details! It was also fun to see a N-ville home…I have driven by this house many times! Take care, Caroline

  36. Wow- what a space! Can I liove there?? :) I love the laquered walls in that living space! Great post- I’ll have to check out Veranda in its entirety!

  37. I can’t I miss this post yesterday. This is one of my favorite post I’ve read here, Q! Congratulations. It’s magnificent!


    Luciane at

  38. María says:

    Impresive! i love this interiors but the baths are specially gorgeous.
    thanks for visiting me. Nice to meet bloggers on the Swiss area. I have been a couple of times in Basel and is a very nice city. Much more interesting than Lugano :-)

    • quintessence says:

      Hi Maria – my pleasure – love meeting new people in the blogosphere. Basel is a beautiful city but rather a closed society unless you know someone!

  39. sherry hart says:

    Those are some gorgeous pictures…wow!

  40. I have been waiting for this home to be published as well. It is even more stunning in person.

  41. I was so excited to see this home in Veranda too as I have driven past the home in question many times over the last three years and yearned to see what was going on inside. I must say I was surprised by the pairing of the more modern David Netto with the more traditional Gil Schafer, but I think it was a brilliant collaboration. I was working on a post about this house when I ran across yours and was so glad to read your take on the home! Just beautiful!

  42. shelly says:

    Where can i get these floors? What brand/color? I am in the process of building and getting ready to pick out flooring!

  43. Heather says:

    What a gorgeous home! I love every room!

  44. Carolyn says:

    Boxwood Beauty is a dream beyond my wildest! So much more than traditional. OMG.

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