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At the Movies

In thinking of a royal wedding related movie, there were several obvious options including the famous Fred Astaire classic, Royal Wedding. But not one to ever gravitate toward the obvious, I decided to go with another classic – one that I felt that was even more appropriate on this auspicious occasion.…

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Tabletop Royalty

For those wondering what to get the royal couple, Kate and William have asked guests to make donations to selected charities rather than buying them lavish presents. While I applaud that noble gesture, I couldn’t resist making some registry-like tabletop selections for their new home in conjunction with the furniture that is being chosen for our Royal Wedding contest.…

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Wednesday Wine

Although the English traditionally love claret (Bordeaux), we thought Kate and William should spread their territorial wings a bit as young oenophiles, so Terry is here today to introduce them, and you, to the wonderful Burgundian wines of Domaine de Montille.…

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By the Book

Regular readers of Quintessence can imagine how thrilled I was to discover Hayden & Fandetta. International private dealers who specialize in “new, out-of-print and rare 18th to 20th century books about art, antiques and interior design,” they will be making an appearance at von Hemert Interiors‘ Royal Wedding event on Thursday evening.…

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Bag the Bag!!

Our Royal Wedding Contest continues this week. Enter by Friday for a chance to win this fabulous Joanna Lhuillier bag, whose work I profiled last week.
In case you missed it, the contest is to furnish Kate and Williams new home with pieces chosen from the brands at von Hemert Interiors, the store who inspired our game with their incredible upcoming Royal Wedding event.…

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Hatching Style

You may have noticed Michelle Hatch‘s beautiful pillows featured as part of von Hemert Interior’s Royal Wedding event.

I was so enchanted by them, that I contacted Michelle to find out more about her company and lovely products.

Michelle Hatch has an extensive accessories design pedigree.…

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Royal Wedding Contest

For the last several months, many of us have been following the news of the upcoming royal nuptials. And on twitter there has been major buzz about the fabulous event Carrie von Hemert and her family have been planning for their store, Von Hemert Interiors.…

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Wedding Week Fashion Fling

So far we’ve selected jewelry and bubbly libations for our royal wedding week. But what about a little fashion fling? If I were attending the wedding or a party celebrating it, I now know what accessory I would carry.  It all began at the Architectural Digest Home Show when the fashionable Maybelline Te, co-owner of Snug Furniture, wore a fabulous beaded bag that started a huge buzz both in real life and on twitter.…

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Wednesday Wines

Continuing with our theme of things inspired by the royal wedding, I asked Terry to keep this in mind when making suggestions for today. I was thrilled that she decided to include Bollinger as it was what we served at our wedding.…

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Best of Bling

When we think of royal festivities, images of tiaras and diamonds frequently come to mind. And of course the British monarchy has a legendary collection. Do we think Kate will wear one of the royal family’s tiaras at her wedding? They have a treasure trove of tiaras that have been passed down from generation to generation – in fact Queen Elizabeth II is said to have the largest and most valuable collection of tiaras in the world.…

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